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  • Project Name: Capital Roads Reconstruction
  • Location: Various in Pennsylvannia (Nadine Road, Thoms Run Road, Rock Run Road)
  • Duration: 14 months
  • Project Type: Civil ConstructionRoadways
  • Status: Ongoing

Capital Roads Reconstruction

This work provides for the reconstruction of various County Roads located with various municipalities.The work includes, but is not limited to: Bituminous pavement roadway milling and paving, construction of structures RY04, PA09, and CC23, construction of dura hold walls, removal and replacement of drainage structures, rebuilding drainage structures, should reconstruction, placement of integral bituminous wedge curbs, replacement and installation of stormwater pipe, full depth bituminous roadway base repairs, construction of cement concrete end-walls, removal and maintenance and protection of traffic during construction.


171,741 SY Milling of Bituminous Pavement Surface, 2” Depth
8,551 TONS Superpave Asphalt Mix
4,285 SY of Superpave Asphalt Mix, WMA Binder, 64-22, 19mm
23,218 TONS Superpave Asphalt Mix, WMA Wearing, 64-22, 9.5mm
4,286 LF Replacement of Existing Drain Pipe
Replacement of Existing Inlets, End-walls, Manholes
1362 Tons of Rock, Class R4-5-6-8
Bridge Preservation Work
Dura-Hold Wall System
Soldier Pile Wall