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Design Build

Northeast Paving has been a consistent leader in Southeast’s growing number of Design-Build projects.

As an experienced contractor with deep engineering roots in our New England communities, our company excels in taking the higher level of control and responsibility that the Design-Build model requires. By involving our engineers more deeply in the early stages of the design process, Northeast Paving is better able to deliver quality solutions to complex issues that accompany all heavy construction projects. We use the increased creative control of the Design-Build model to engineer unique, one-of-a-kind projects that make our local communities and cities desirable—at greater cost efficiency to clients including the DOT, meaning greater tax payer value.

Northeast Paving has also earned an outstanding reputation for collaborative building through multiple Joint-Venture contracts. Our ability to self-perform most aspects of heavy civil construction, and our reputation for industry excellence, make Northeast Paving an ideal building partner for large-scale projects that are beyond the scope of most contractors.

Recent Design Build Projects

Browse some of our recent and notable projects.

Bangor International Airport

Northeast Paving teams resurfaced the northern third of the Bangor International Airport tarmac, including the aircraft parking area, aircraft taxiways, and a new ramp and new tie-down area for the aircraft.

Capital Roads Reconstruction

This work provides for the reconstruction of various County Roads located with various municipalities.