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Asphalt Locations

Northeast Paving is one of the leaders in production of high-quality hot mix and warm mix asphalt. The professional men and women who form our company have paved the way for hundreds of public and private projects that have improved infrastructure throughout New England. Our team of contracting professionals offer design-build and conventionally bid solutions as an award-winning expert in asphalt paving, highway construction, and site development.

Our integrated Quality Control, Technical and Best Practices programs are what make Northeast Paving an industry leader.

Current June 4th, 2019

PLANTS RS 9.5 B RS 9.5 C RI 19.0 RB 25.0 C
Jacksonville $65.00/TON $65.00/TON $68.00/TON $68.00/TON
Orlando $62.00/TON $62.00/TON $67.00/TON $67.00/TON
Apopka $55.50/TON $55.50/TON $46.00/TON $46.00/TON
Tampa $55.50/TON $55.50/TON $46.00/TON $46.00/TON
Lakeland $55.50/TON $55.50/TON $46.00/TON $46.00/TON
Davenport $55.50/TON $55.50/TON $46.00/TON $46.00/TON
Plymouth $55.50/TON $55.50/TON $46.00/TON $46.00/TON
Mt. Dora $55.50/TON $55.50/TON 64.00/TON 64.00/TON
All sales are subject to state and local taxes. Please call for SCDOT mix pricing

Charlotte Plants & Greensboro Plant
$10.00/TON for crushed RAP
Rap not available at all Plants.

  • Bridgeville Plant

    2 Prestly Road
    Bridgeville, PA 15017

    Phone: (412) 539-0940
  • Springdale Plant

    1000 Sherowsky Way
    Springdale, PA 15144

    Phone: (412) 292-5601
  • Charlotte Office/Plant

    28 Crushed Gravel Rd
    Charlotte, ME 04666

    Phone: (207) 454-2336
  • Presque Isle Office/Plant

    458 Reach Road
    Presque Isle, ME 04769

    Phone: (207) 764-4137
  • Hancock Plant

    32 Washington Junction Rd
    Hancock, ME 04640

    Phone: (207) 667-9671
  • Washington Plant

    837 Waldoboro Rd
    Washington, ME 04574

    Phone: (207) 845-2641
  • Hermon Office/Plant

    1067 Odlin Road
    Hermon, ME 04402

    Phone: (207) 945-0850
  • Lewiston HMA Plant #38

    50 Alfred A. Plourde Parkway
    Lewiston, ME 04240

    Phone: (207) 615-4512
  • Lenox Dale Office/Plant

    60 Willow Hill Road
    Lee, MA 01238

    Phone: (413) 637-2511
  • Northfield Office/Plant

    216 Mount Hermon Station Road
    Northfield, MA 01360

    Phone: (413) 498-5586
  • Granby Office/Plant

    17 New Ludlow Road
    Granby, MA 01033

    Phone: (413) 467-3355