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Northeast Paving has built its reputation as the region’spreferredpaving company.

Our teams lay hundreds of miles of asphalt every year, on newly built roads as well as old, and unlikemany of our competitors, we manufacture our own supply of asphalt in-house. At Northeast Paving, we own—and have complete control over—11 asphalt plants located across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The result is fewer product shortages and greater control over quality, which allows us to save our clients time and money.

Our paving crews have performed award-winning laydown work on roads throughout New England. Whether a client requires patching for an existing damaged or worn-out roadway, or you’re paving fresh, Northeast Paving will deliver a product that is both durable and sustainable for years to come. Taking into account traffic conditions, probability of flooding, and ground quality, we’ll develop a custom material that’s perfectly suited to a particular project’s needs.

Our paving operation is set apart by our 11 company-owned manufacturing plants, strategically located across New England to service projects anywhere in the region. Every one of our 11 plants have received the prestigious Diamond Achievement Award from the National Asphalt Achievement Association (NAPA). Each plant utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and controls and has access to nearby quarries for the raw materials needed to produce the product.

Northeast Paving uses its asphalt manufacturing plants to serve our own project needs, as well as the needs of other paving companies. Our asphalt mixes meet DOT specifications in every state where we do business, and are always available at a competitive industry rate.

Recent Paving & Asphalt Projects

Browse some of our recent and notable projects.

Bangor International Airport

Northeast Paving teams resurfaced the northern third of the Bangor International Airport tarmac, including the aircraft parking area, aircraft taxiways, and a new ramp and new tie-down area for the aircraft.

CSXIT 2019 PMP—West Springfield Terminal

This is a $333,000.00 project for West Springfield based terminal of CSX. Northeast Paving is resurfacing two separate bays in the stock yard that is home to the many rail cars affiliated with CSX.

Island Falls Bridge Reconstruction

Northeast Paving teams demolished the existing Randall Bridge over the West Branch of the Mattawamkeag River, located less than one mile northwest of Church Street in Island Falls, Maine.