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  • Project Name: SR-22, Section A36
  • Location: SR-22, Monroeville and Murrysville PA
  • Duration: 14 months
  • Project Type: Rail ProjectsRoadways
  • Status: Ongoing

SR-22, Section A36

This is a partial Design Build roadway project. Design activities are limited to: Concrete curb rampsand rehabilitation and/orwidening of bridge structure.For the bituminous milling and resurfacing,concrete pavement patching, drainage, guide rail, curband sidewalk, signing and pavement marking,signals, bridge preservation, painting structural steel, and other miscellaneous construction, all withina length of 17,772.38 linear feet (3.36 miles) on SR-22.


4,908 CY of Excavation
156,221 SY of Milling of Existing Bituminous Pavement, Various Depths
119,347 SY of Stone Matrix Asphalt, WMA Wearing Course
35,990 SY of Superpave Asphalt Mix, WMA Wearing Course
Transverse Joint Repair
1262 SY Accelerated Plain Cement Concrete Pavement, 9” Depth Modified
Expansion Dam Replacement
Structural Steel Repair

Miscellaneous Concrete Work including:
  • Mountable Curb
  • Curb Gutter
  • Handicap Ramps (Design/Build)