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VINCI Construction USA Future Efforts

At VINCI Construction USA, we work hard to protect and advance our future through environmental endeavors, innovative ideas, and building leadership ready to take on tomorrow's challenges.

Click on the buttons below to learn how VINCI Construction USA is embracing our responsibility as an industry-leader to protect our environment, reinforce research and development as a pillar of our business strategy, and offer an emerging leadership program centered around offering the tools to help the incoming generation of builders succeed.


Environment  Emerging Leaders Network  Innovation

From the initial planning stages to the final construction, we prioritize environmental responsibility. Our dedicated team of experts employs innovative strategies to minimize the consumption of resources, reduce waste generation, and promote conservation. We conduct thorough environmental impact assessments to identify potential risks and develop mitigation measures, ensuring that our projects align with the principles of sustainability.

What we’ve been working on:

  • Our 2030 Environmental Plan to become more fuel efficient and reduce our emissions.
    • We utilize a combination of vehicle options such as Tier 4 diesel engines with the strictest EPA emissions requirements
    • Eco-Boost 6 Cylinder Engines for fuel efficiency
    • Hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel consumption,
    • Electric vehicles when available.
  • We make every effort to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle non-hazardous waste.
    • REDUCE: Through careful planning, we reduce upfront demand for materials. Ordering only what we need eliminating extra waste.
    • REUSE: Leadership promotes innovative thinking across jobsites and other jobs are considered for material reuse.
    • RECYCLE: VINCI Construction USA finds beneficial use for materials or utilizes companies that collect our debris for recycling.
  • Eco Leaders Initiative: Circular Economy
    We are working to reduce the waste of baghouse fines.
    • Making use of the fines as an ingredient in compressed blocks called, “Renew Blocks”.
    • A fines screen is created to break up and sift fines ahead of block pressing.
    • The block press has multiple dies to create different block shapes and sizes.

Spanning across VINCI Construction USA, the Emerging Leaders Network, or ELN, was created to help the incoming generation of builders advance their careers and gain the tools they need to be successful. They are a group of construction industry professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on our company and our community. Whether you’re a laborer on your first roadway project, a field engineer fresh out of college, or an accounting professional new to the construction industry, the Emerging Leaders Network is a great way to get involved.

The Three Pillars of ELN:

    We host and participate in professional development events to help Emerging Leaders gain new skills and help advance their careers in the construction industry. Recent events include:
    • Lunch-and-Learns
    • Young Leaders Conferences
    • Senior Executive Panels
    As Emerging Leaders, we strive to build lasting connections within our company and throughout the construction industry. We want other companies to know who we are, what we do, how we work, and where we are going. Recent networking events include:
    • Sports Matches
    • Local Brewery Meetups
    • Outdoor Recreational Team Building Sessions
    We believe in the power of community service to make lasting, positive impact on our communities. Recent projects include:
    • Make-A-Wish Foundation Service
    • Environmental Cleanups
    • Toy/Book Drives
    • Habitat For Humanity and Various Shelter Volunteering

Innovation, an inseparable component of our mission for sustainable development. Our company relies on innovation to preserve the environment, protect user safety, and ensure the sustainability of infrastructure. Whether we’re developing new paving processes and materials like Recyflex and Viaflex, or implementing new operations to improve efficiency and streamline production, VINCI Construction USA is able to remain a true industry leader by constantly striving for innovation.

Recent innovations include:

  • Solar Powered Connex Boxes & Battery Hand Tools
    • Eliminating the use of vehicles for work spaces
    • Annual TCO2 Reduction is (-5T)
    • The Solar Power is also used to charge the hand tools, eliminating the use of fuel generators.
  • Asphalt Plant Energy Reduction Initiatives
    • Electric Tank Farm: Converting our A/C tanks at Asphalt Plants from hot oil to electric heat, eliminating need for fossil fuels.
    • E-Drive – Live Energy Monitoring In Asphalt Plants: Gives managers a Live view of production data and energy consumption.
  • Electric Heated Distributors
    • The Distributor Trucks are equipped with a 15KW generator, so material can be heated in transit or on a project.
    • Trucks have an onboard thermostat to maintain temps at 170 degrees. Unnecessary idle time is eliminated.
    • Annual TCO2 Reduction is (-12T)
  • Blue/Red Safety Lights
    • Lighting provides visible EOZ for each machine or truck. (Red halo light designates EOZ, blue light identifies direction of travel.)