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November 15, 2019

Northeast Paving Teams Take on MDOT’s Largest 2019 Resurfacing Contract

Northeast Paving teams in southern coastal Maine have begun work on a 5-mile project on Route 1 in Bath. At $16.8 Million, it’s one of the largest paving contracts let by MDOT this year. Teams are provided with a short time window to complete the job, which, in addition to paving activities, includes drainage work, safety improvement, and tree clearing. Due to the area’s high traffic, teams have less than a year to finish.

Plant Engineer Cory Nutting says despite its many challenges, the project fits well within the company’s wheelhouse, making it one of the season’s most desirable public projects.

“It’s a large project,” he says, “one involving a lot of work in a short amount of time. But this kind of mill-and-fill job is what we do best, so it’s been perfect for us.”

Final project quantities bring home that point, with 305,000 square yards of milling, 55,000 tons of HMA, 3,200 linear feet of barrier wall installation, and 30 acres of clearing involved altogether.

Adding to the challenge, all work must be done at night and superintendent David Sargent says weather will also play a factor. “We’ll try to get as much done this season as we can,” he says. “Out here on the coast, we expect a lot of fog. Fog, of course, means moisture, and in our business, that’s a challenge.”