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January 23, 2024

High Praise From Northfield

Stacy Bond, the Chair of the Northfield, MA 350th Anniversary Committee in 2023, sings Juli Simons’ praises on how absolutely AMAZING it was to work with Simons and her team at Northeast Paving/Cold River Material. Here is what Stacy had to say…

Juli reached out to us from the get-go with such enthusiasm and willingness to help with our big parade, she made a huge task feel much less daunting. She met with us in person, via Zoom, on the phone and by email to help with all the planning! Our former parade coordinator was challenging to work with but Juli wasn’t daunted and was the utmost professional at all times. In addition, she even had a couple huge, very nice 350th signs made and put up at the gravel pit to show their community support!

Northeast Paving showed up, both figuratively and literally on our big day, Sept 30th, 2023. We had one of the largest parades in the history of Northfield that day! It ran as smoothly as something of that size could possibly run, in large part due to the large, organized, group of Northeast paving volunteers. Without them, we wouldn’t have had enough help!nep-dump-trucks

The amount of work and volunteers Juli gathered, was INCREDIBLE! The volunteers were all ready to help, and many already had some experience similar to this in their field, that they just grabbed the reins and made it happen! Juli was right in the thick of it all, making it all happen!! It was AMAZING!

crm-sandboxThen, on top of solidifying an incredible parade, they set up at our fireworks location and had more amazing things up their sleeves! The touch-A-truck was great in of itself! But they also had a donation sandbox with toys for the kids to play in (and the sandbox ultimately found its way to a kids therapy program that works with Autistic children). A wonderful bike raffle!! WOW! And other freebies and prizes! Over 800 people attended the fireworks and hundreds if not thousands came to the parade (and for a town with less than 3,000 residents, I would say that’s not half bad! Lol!).

I could go on and on how important Juli and her team were to the success of the 350th, but I hope this gives you enough of an insight as to how much we appreciated all that was done by your company to help celebrate a wonderful town in a very special year that will go down in history! We are all so very grateful!

Thanks again to everyone at Northeast Paving/Cold River Materials!

juli-simonsJuli Simons is our Environmental Specialist working out of our Northfield office for Northeast Paving (NEP) and Cold River Materials (CRM). Juli is responsible for many of the environmental initiatives as well as community outreach efforts for NEP. She is also a member of the VINCI Construction USA Emerging Leaders Network which is a driving force behind the execution of many community projects.