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June 9, 2022

Sheldon G. Hayes Award Winner

Congratulations to Northeast Paving for winning the Sheldon G. Hayes Award in January this year. An award that commemorates highway projects using at least 50,000 tons of asphalt pavement and exhibiting superior workmanship, quality, and smoothness. The project, for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Dristrict 12-0, Uniontown, PA, consisted of 18 lane miles and was completed in 353 days. The project was awarded on November 19th of 2019; Northeast Paving began work on I-70 in Washington, PA during a state shutdown due to COVID-19.

Banding together, the team, completed the I-70 Centerville to Speers project on-time and under budget on November 25th of 2020 while implementing rigorous COVID safety measures such as Plexiglass separators on equipment, hands-free washing stations, social distancing, and virtual progress meetings.

“NEP had every opportunity to come up with excuses in an unprecedented time. Rather than doing that, the men and women of Northeast Paving chose to hold themselves to the highest standard… giving the people of Pennsyvania the best product that they not only expect, but deserve. Says, Patrick Pierce, Division Manager.