Asphalt Plant Locations We're Hiring
June 28, 2019

Brad Regner

Brad Regner began his career in the construction industry in 1999, as a Job Engineer in Pittsburgh, the summer after earning his Civil Engineering degree from Penn State University.

Brad worked for Lane Construction for 19 years, during which he steadily advanced his position to take on increased responsibility and expand his understanding of the company’s asphalt plants and paving operations. Throughout his career, he has served as Project Engineer, Plant Manager, and District Manager in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. He also served for three years as manager of Prestress of the Carolinas, the organization’s bridge girder manufacturing line, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Following the 2018 acquisition of Lane’s Plants and Paving division, Brad was promoted to Vice President of Northeast Paving. He now manages operations in the company’s three-state region of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maine, and is responsible for seizing future opportunities for growth.