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September 18, 2019

Pat Pierce

Pat Pierce prides himself on “working from the bottom up.” He began his career in Heavy Highway Construction in 1993 on a $65 Million concrete paving project north of Harrisburg, PA.

In 1995 he moved to Pittsburgh, where he was mentored by a senior supervisor in all facets of construction—bridges, paving, and concrete. But it was the Design-Build portion that allowed Mr. Pierce to grow his business acumen. This was a relatively new concept in this market, and the small bridge company that Mr. Pierce worked for was on the cutting edge of this technology catapulting themselves as leaders of innovation. What once took multiple years to design and build was now put in the hands of contractors who worked with designers to perform the task in a fraction of the time. Mr. Pierce worked his way up the ranks from Foreman to Superintendent, eventually becoming Vice President of Construction. In 2008, Mr. Pierce seized an opportunity in the growing Pittsburgh market to start a bridge division at Lane Construction. Using what he learned at his previous employer, Mr. Pierce began with very little resources, eventually amassing a bridge division that typically had 5-10 projects running concurrently at any given time. As times changed, so did Mr. Pierce’s career at Lane, and in 2011 he began working in the Asphalt side of the business, moving from Superintendent to General Superintendent to Area Manager. Following the sale of Lane Construction’s Plants & Paving operation to Eurovia Atlantic Coast, Mr. Pierce remains as Area Manager. Mr. Pierce has always believed in promoting from within and vows never to sacrifice Safety for Production, two ideals that are true to his core. Pat lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Kim and two daughters, Bri and Jenna.